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Ladies, are you unfamiliar with firearms? Would you like to learn about them for your own protection, and the protection of your family and home? If so, I can help you. I invite you to attend a basic pistol and/or rifle familiarization class, exclusively for women.

Called "Ladies Day", NO MEN ARE ALLOWED!

The class is for women only. Only five women attend the pistol class at a time, and only three women attend the rifle class at a time. Because of the small number, each fully participates, and I provide a one-on-one experience. I supply all of the pistols, rifles and ammunition. If you do not have a pistol, this is your opportunity to determine which you would like for your own protection.

Instruction at The Hub is from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM and at the Ranch from 9 AM to 5 PM. This includes all instruction materials and the use of firearms and ammunition.

Read about it here!

Dear Linda and Seth,

Thank you, thank you, thank you! I cannot imagine a better, more positive experience than Ladies Day!!! Did I say "thank you" yet?

I grew up with guns. My dad was a reloader and NRA hunter safety instructor. (I remember as a child "popping out primers" for him.) He bought me my little 5 shot about 25 years ago. My ex-husband was a small time collector. . . So even though I have been surrounded by talk of calibers and The American Rifleman most of my life, true to your predictions, I still had huge learning gaps in my knowledge and practice. These undermined my confidence and I was too shy to ask these men because, heck, I should already know this stuff!!

Well, learning gaps be gone! And hello condfidence! Thank you for your imformative, ground up, effective instruction. As a professional educator, I cannot say enough positive things about your class. And the fingernail polish on the sights? Priceless!

I know this is a rather long email but I wanted to explain how special and timely your class was for me. Thank you for your commitment to excellence and empowering people. I wish you many blessings because your work blesses others.

All the best, MM/Lakeside

Beginning November 29, 2014 -
The Gun Locker moves to a new time:

Saturdays at 8 AM!

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Linda Gilbertson, NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol and Personal Protection Instructor

Seth R. Nadel, NRA Certified Rifle, Pistol, Personal Protection & Ammo Reloading Instructor


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"The class was amazing! It has taken me a couple days to process everything, because you and Seth (and the class) had a hell of an impact on me. It takes a few days to completely change your basic thinking on a topic. It basically brought home to me that the awareness level I always prided myself on was no guarantee of personal safety, and sometimes I may not be able to just avoid the problem. I went from actively disliking guns to actively wanting to own one and to learn to shoot. My husband is also very happy with the fact that I now know what he's talking about when he discusses guns and shooting...a topic that was always a no-no for him before.

I held my husband off until today about buying me a gun. We got the Charter Arms .38. Although I really liked the 9 mm XDM, I figured, as a complete novice at shooting, I would do better with a revolver as a first gun. I've been dry-firing it all afternoon. If I can't get around the trigger stiffness with some experience, we'll send it to a gunsmith to get adjusted. I also bought a fanny pack and will be taking the .38 when I go for my walks.

Mike and I have made a deal to go shooting at least twice a month... and we will take all of the guns along. I'm assuming that will give me a lot of experience with different flavors... I figure that ultimately I'll trade in the .38 for something else as I become more experienced.

Thanks for an amazing day! It has truly changed my life."
KK ~ Show Low, AZ

AZ Dept. of Public Safety
Concealed Weapons & Permits

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